Data Science

Graph Database - GTA (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time
We are hiring for our top analytics client, into BFSI domain. 

  • Mandatory: Neo4J, Cypher, Python (All 3 are must)
  • Optional / Good to have: APOC, PySpark, Azure CosmosDB, Gremlin
  • Experience level - 3-8 yrs  and Architect level- 8- 14 yrs experience

What do we expect?  


●IT experience in the Data and Analytics domain.  

●experience in designing and implementing complex applications using Neo4J / Azure 

Cosmos DB – Graph. 2+ years of PySpark Experience 

●Experienced in property graph modeling technique 

●Strong knowledge of Neo4j graph database and its Cypher query language for traversing graphs.  

●Strong knowledge of Azure Cosmos DB architecture its Graph DB offering, Gremlin (Graph 


●Experience in using Python API for Neo4J and its APOC extension libraries.  

●Ability to integrate Neo4J / Azure Cosmos Graph DB with other technologies such as Python, 


●Excellent problem-solving and communication skills. 

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