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Back-End Engineer (Python) - GLAI

Work Type: Full Time

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● Design and code efficient, scalable systems that can accept feedback from multiple

hundred thousand employees and generate insights

● Design efficient and scalable event-driven systems to process complex machine

learning pipeline

● Experiment with different Machine learning deployment technologies to improve


● Experiment with data to come up with unique insights that can benefit our clients

● Identify libraries and technologies worth experimentation

● Participate in brainstorming sessions to bring more value to our clients

● Investigate performance issues/scalability bottlenecks, existing queries, and/or write

new queries with performance optimization in mind

● Develop RESTful APIs that can be used by the frontend to show insights

● Debug and fix production level bugs as and when they crop up

● Support ad hoc data analytics upon requests by clients, and believe us nothing creates

a better DB understanding than handling ad hoc data requests


● 3+ years of experience in architecture and developing high-performance web


● Experience with systems ingesting/processing high amounts of data is a plus

● In-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development,

and deployment)

● Experience with SQL and NoSQL database

● Working knowledge of RESTful API paradigms

● Experienced in a microservices architecture

● Solid engineering principles and a clear understanding of data structures and algorithms

● Passion for products, empathy for users, and aspiration to make a big impact

● Experience with deploying ML/Deep Learning solutions would be plus

● Experience with NLP would be great

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