Mid-Senior Level

Lead /Staff Engineer - Frontend(React) | GWZ

Work Type: Full Time

WorkLocation: Chennai. Work From Office

Ideal Exp: 5-8 Years

Staff/Lead Engineer, Frontend:

  • 5 - 10 years of technical experience 
  • Proficiency in React (especially Hooks), JavaScript, Node.js and Typescript; experience working with other big frameworks like Vue.js, Svelte or Ember.js will be nice to have.
  • Experience building hybrid (static, server-side rendered, and client-side rendered) frontend apps.
  • Experience in deep-customizing at least 1 bundler like Webpack, Rollup, Parcel or ESBuild.
  • Experience in profiling apps for performance.
  • Deep knowledge in all thing’s web — like browser quirks, security, workers, persistence, and new & upcoming features.
  • A track record of writing accessible and detailed version-control commits, documentation and code reviews.
  • A strong ability to write clean, scalable, self-documenting & highly testable code.
  • Very good problem-solving skills.
  • Experience working with a fast-moving and multidisciplinary team.

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