Mid-Senior Level

C/C++ Developer - GCDX (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Bengaluru, India | Mumbai, India | Hyderabad, India | Gurugram, India | Noida, India | Chennai, India
Work Type: Full Time

Make a difference by:-

  • Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, and reliable C/C++ code.
  • Identify bottlenecks and bugs, and devise solutions to these problems.
  • Work under a Scrum/Agile framework and release product increments on a continuous basis.
  • Ensure that components are functional, elegant, performant, and well tested.
  • Follow emerging technologies

Job requirements:-

  • A minimum of 2 years' experience as a C/C++ software developer.
  • Current knowledge of C/C++ standards and specifications.
  • Good understanding of memory management in non-garbage collected environments.
  • Implementation of automated testing platforms and unit tests.
  • Strong system design concepts and excellent code practices.
  • Experience working with large codebases.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration abilities.
  • Knowledge of blockchain technology, smart contracts and cryptocurrency and having worked in a fintech domain will be an added advantage.

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