Director/Vice President

Leadership Product (Director/VP/SVP))| GSPY

Gurugram, Haryana
Work Type: Full Time

What are we looking for in a Product Leader (less than 15yrs exp)

We are looking for the following: 

● Customer Empathy - Ability to think from a user’s perspective, identify their needs and help keep them front and center of product building and groom the team to do so as well. 

● Structured Problem Solving - Bringing structure to an ambiguous problem space and ensure you approach a solution methodically. Be able to prioritize what is important and get everyone to focus on that. 

● Communication Skills - Bring clarity to the entire team about what we are trying to solve and why; and be able to lead a group of people through influence. Ability to communicate at all levels within the company and represent the company externally. 

● Analytical Skills - Comfortable in solving problems and taking decisions through the use of data; yet able to move forward in absence of perfect data. 

● Thinking Big and Small - Able to zoom out and view the larger picture as well as be able to focus on the tiny details. 

● People Leadership - Ability and experience in hiring and grooming high performers and keeping the team motivated and focused. 

● Passion for Technology - Believe in the power of technology to transform businesses and know it well enough to be able to know to be able to make quick trade-offs amidst resource constraints. 

● Growth Mindset - Always on the lookout for improvements and learn from failures . Seek and share constructive feedback and help build a similar mindset in the team.

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