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Machine Learning Software Engineer | CRA

Chennai, Tamil Nadu   |   Full Time

We are hiring for SAAS pioneer company in Chennai. 

Experience: 3 to 6 years

#machinelearning #mlmodels #tensorflow #scikit #python #databrick #regression


  • 3+ years of Software Development experience
  • With some experience on the Data Science and Machine Learning techniques
  • With strong understanding of various stages of ML model development lifecycle i.e. development, training, testing/evaluation and deployment to production
  • Experience in writing reusable code for making use on these stages like model training, testing and deployment
  • Strong understanding on different techniques for evaluating the accuracy and performance of ML models
  • Comfortable and hands on experience in one of the programming languages like Python, R, Java and Scala
  • Prior experience development of code for solving ML problems using frameworks and technologies like Scikit, Tensorflow, etc.
  • Hands on experience with distributed computing with frameworks such as Apache Spark and Spark ML
  • Proven track record of getting ML capabilities into production
  • Good understanding of containerization using dockers
  • Prior experience in ML platforms and tools such as DataBricks, H2O, etc. would be a plus
  • Prior experience in developing reusable modules to solve standard Machine Learning problems. To avoid duplication of efforts across different deliverables. 
  • Understanding of standard ML techniques like regression, classification, etc.
  • Ability to go beyond standard Machine Learning techniques like Regression, Classification, etc. to bring in the necessary mathematical and computational techniques to solve the business problem 

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